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Thyroid Cancer

Survivability of Thyroid Cancer

Survivability of thyroid cancer depends on what type of cancer is present, the stage, and the patient’s age and current health. Doctors can determine the survivability of thyroid cancer for each individual case. 
The most common type of thyroid cancer, papillary cancer, is highly treatable with early diagnosis. Patients diagnosed with follicular thyroid cancer may usually respond to treatment better, even though this cancer can spread through the bloodstream. 
Medullary thyroid cancer may be detected early with a special testing procedure. The earlier this cancer is detected and treated, the higher the survival rate. However, anaplastic thyroid cancer may spread rapidly, which makes it difficult to diagnose. Reported cases may have already stage IV thyroid cancer, making this cancer difficult to treat once it has spread. 
Talk to your doctor, or request an appointment at Florida Hospital to learn more about the survivability of thyroid cancer. 

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