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Thyroid Cancer

Research and Clinical Trials for Thyroid Cancer

Research for thyroid cancer has shown that genetic factors may contribute to its development. The RET gene (ret proto-oncogene) found in patients with a family history of this cancer may increase the risk of developing thyroid cancer. Therefore, removing the thyroid gland after testing positive for the genre may prevent cancer in this area.   
Florida Hospital Cancer Institute conducts research and clinical trials on thyroid cancer to learn more about the disorder. Researchers are searching for better techniques and diagnostic procedures to increase early detection of thyroid cancer. Furthermore, new treatments may improve the survival rate in patients in various stage of this disease.
For example, research on thyroid cancer has shown that the effectiveness of radioactive iodine and benefits of conventional targeted therapy may lead to better treatment. Generally, these non-surgical treatments may provide better and less invasive treatment options for selected patients.

Locations for Thyroid Cancer