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Thyroid Cancer

Conditions Related to Thyroid Cancer

Facts about thyroid cancer include the following:  
  • The National Cancer Institute estimates more than 60,000 patients will be diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2013.
  • Statistics on thyroid cancer show patients between ages 25 and 65 have a greater risk.
  • Asian patients have a higher risk than all ethnic groups.
  • A painless lump found in the throat is typically the first symptom of thyroid cancer.
  • Other common symptoms of thyroid cancer may include hoarseness, a chronic cough, breathing and/or swallowing problems and neck pain.
  • Treatments usually include surgery to remove part or all of the thyroid as well as other therapies.
  • Complete removal of thyroid glands will require patients to take thyroid hormone pills for the remainder of their lives.  
  • Florida Hospital may offers advanced, minimally invasive treatments for patients who qualify. 
  • Survivability of thyroid cancer depends on the stage, type of cancer, health and age of patients. 
Talk to your doctor, or request an appointment at Florida Hospital to learn more about thyroid cancer. 

Locations for Thyroid Cancer