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Thyroid Cancer

Prevention of Thyroid Cancer

The exact cause of thyroid cancer is not yet known, so prevention is not entirely possible. However, people with a family history of thyroid cancer, or who have been exposed to large amounts of radiation are recommended to undergo a screening test that detects the RET gene (ret proto-oncogene); the presence of which increases the likelihood of thyroid cancer development. If the RET gene is detected, patients can opt to have a thyroidectomy (removal of thyroid gland) as a preventive measure. 
Risk factors of thyroid cancer that people should control include smoking, drinking and seeking appropriate medical treatment for bacterial, viral and fungal throat infections. There is no guarantee that reducing risk factors or taking precautions will prevent thyroid cancer unless a thyroidectomy is performed. However, the surgical removal of the thyroid glands will require the patient to take thyroid hormone medication for the remainder of their life. 
If you experience thyroid issues, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Early detection is vital to provide appropriate treatment that may improve the prognosis and reduce complications. Request an appointment with a thyroid specialist at Florida Hospital today.

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