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Thyroid Cancer

Causes of Thyroid Cancer

The direct cause of thyroid cancer is not yet known, but risk factors are linked to inherited conditions and past exposure to high levels of radiation. Many thyroid cancer cases occur in patients who received radiation therapy targeted to the head, neck or chest as a child. Past radiation therapy treatment is the most common cause of papillary thyroid cancer. Doctors recommend that anyone who received head, neck or chest radiation therapy as a child to be screened for thyroid cancer. 
Heredity is one potential risk factor that may cause thyroid cancer. For the most part, patients with a family history of thyroid disease are more likely to develop thyroid cancer. Research has shown evidence that inheriting the RET gene (ret proto-oncogene) may increase the risk of developing thyroid cancer.  
Other risk factors of thyroid cancer include the following:
  • Ethnicity - Asian people are at a higher risk
  • Gender – Women have a higher risk
  • Age – people between 25 and 65 are at a higher risk
If feel you are at high risk of developing thyroid cancer, talk to a doctor at Florida Hospital about being screened for thyroid cancer or receiving genetic testing. It is urgent for patients who experience symptoms of thyroid cancer to seek immediate medical consultation. The earlier thyroid cancer is detected, the better the outcome for the patient. 

Locations for Thyroid Cancer