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Women's Services

Spirit of Women

Spirit of Women is composed of a group of elite hospitals across the nation dedicated to the highest standards of excellence with regard to women's health, education, and community outreach. Florida Hospital Tampa and Florida Hospital Pepin Heart Institute recently joined the ranks of other organizations in 100 different marketplaces to become a Spirit of Women hospital.

The goal of Spirit of Women is to help women improve their own and their families' health through innovative community outreach education in critical areas such as cardiac disease, osteoporosis, breast health, cancer, sleep health, menopause, incontinence, diabetes, healthy pregnancy, and much more. Spirit of Women hospitals are committed to help women and their families take ACTION that results in better health. Rather than simply promoting "women's health," Spirit of Women focuses on promoting health and healthy lifestyles to women, which is in sync with the mission and vision of our organization.

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