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Women's Health Pavilion

Labor and Delivery (OB) Program

The Birth Day ExperienceSM

The birth of your baby is one of the most precious moments of your life. At Florida Hospital Tampa, we understand just how special that moment is. That’s why we personalize every step of the birth experience for you. Experience a new level of personalized care with our comprehensive obstetrics services — including a Birth Designer and Birth Advocate team to assist you throughout your journey and special touches to create a one-of-a-kind celebration — your baby’s real birth day.

Welcoming You, Your Family and Baby

At Florida Hospital Tampa, you are the center of attention. Each room is private, featuring the luxury amenities you expect at a fine hotel, including complimentary Wi-Fi, flat screen TVs, high-end toiletries, large suites and room service for meals. And we provide overnight space designated for your family without visiting hour restrictions. We believe in creating a calming, joyful experience for families, so we designed our obstetrics department with you in mind:

  • Spacious labor and delivery room
  • Spacious recovery and postpartum suites
  • 42” flat screen TV with free movies, cable and connection to the Internet
  • Spa bath products
  • Nightly turndown service
  • Afternoon renewal
  • Wireless fetal monitoring, which allows you more freedom of mobility during labor, while allowing us to continually monitor your baby
  • State-of-the-art infant security system
  • Your Time Dinning catering service ensures you get your meals when you want them during your stay
  • Mom and dad will receive a special celebration meal before going home
  • Our Birth Designer will help you design your special birth experience
  • Our Birth Advocate team assures each family’s hope and expectations for the birthing process are considered and respected
  • Anytime visiting hours allow you to have family and friends with you whenever you wish
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the hospital

Birth Designer

One of the extra special services we offer our moms is our Birth Designer. The Birth Designer is a registered nurse with expertise in women’s health. She provides you with a personal consultation to customize your birth experience while serving as the liaison between your obstetrician’s office and the hospital. When questions arise during your pregnancy and even after the birth of your baby, our Birth Designer is here to assist you.

Our Birth Designer will work with you to provide:

  • Personal consultation
  • Tour of the OB Unit at Florida Hospital Tampa on your schedule
  • Scheduling childbirth classes
  • Assistance with your personal birth plan
  • Answers to any labor and postpartum questions
  • Assistance with amenity-driven decisions like music choice during your birth

To speak with your personal Birth Designer, or to schedule a tour of Florida Hospital Tampa, call (813) 615-7300. This service is provided at no cost to mothers delivering at Florida Hospital Tampa.

We also invite you to take a virtual tour of our Women's Health Pavilion to familiarize yourself with our OB units and services. 

Meet our Birth Designer

Emily Sullivan, RN, Birth Designer at Florida Hospital TampaEmily Sullivan, RN, BSN, has 30 years of experience working with mothers and babies before, during and after labor and served as the Team Lead on the Mother/Baby Unit. She is also a Certified Postpartum Depression Nurse. Emily holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of North Alabama. She has served as a member of the Association for Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses for 10 years.

Additionally, our labor and delivery nurses are trained to be advocates for you during your delivery and are available around the clock to ensure your needs are met throughout your hospital stay.

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Childbirth Education at Florida Hospital Tampa

As part of our education to providing the highest level of care for our patients, our childbirth education programs provide essential information to help new parents be better prepared for their birth experience. Education classes are designed to help new parents, siblings and even pets adjust to life with a newborn. Classes cover every topic including childbirth, breastfeeding, baby care, labor and delivery, CPR and much more. We offer several options for birth education classes for before, during and after your pregnancy. Please visit for a list of upcoming classes or you can call (813) 615-7300.


To prepare for your stay, pre-register here. Pre-registering for your delivery will make your arrival on your due date more convenient, allowing you to be escorted to once you arrive to complete the registration process at your bedside.