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Interventional Cardiology

AngioVac Procedure

The AgioVac procedure is a minimally invasive procedure that removes large, high-risk blood clots through a catheter based system instead of open heart surgery.  The AngioVac catheter, made by Angiodynamics, is much larger than most standard catheters to allow it to capture large pieces of clot much like an intravascular vacuum cleaner.


The FDA approved the AngioVac device in 2011, which serves as a venous drainage while opening up the veins, to find the clots. The coil-reinforced cannula is designed with a balloon, expandable funnel shaped tip. The funnel tip enhances venous drainage flow when balloon is inflated. It also prevents clogging once the material is building up within the device. The suction is supplied by an external pump attached to a filter that catches the clot and then returns clot-free blood back to the patient.

The Florida Hospital Pepin Heart Institute, located at Florida Hospital Tampa, was first in the Tampa Bay region to perform the AngioVac procedure and continues to be the leader in groundbreaking and innovative cardiovascular care.