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Lariat Procedure for A-Fib

The LARIAT Procedure is a groundbreaking minimally invasive alternative for atrial fibrillation (“AF” or “A-Fib”) patients who cannot take blood-thinning medication. 

Performed in the Florida Hospital Pepin Heart Institute's Heart Rhythm Center, the LARIAT procedure does not require major surgery.  With the use of two catheters, the Lariat Suture, a small lasso-like device, is guided and delivered to the heart.  When set in place, the lasso tightens, providing closure to the left atrial appendage (LAA), the danger-zone for 95% of the blood clots that cause stroke in AF patients. 


  • A permanent one-time solution, the LARIAT procedure.
  • Prevents AF-related stroke without affecting the rest of the heart.
  • Avoids potentially serious side effects associated with blood thinning medications.
  • Causes minimal discomfort after procedure.
  • Does not leave behind any metal, clip, or fabric footprint in body.
  • Does not require frequent medical visits and blood tests.
  • Can be performed outside of the operating room. 

Tampa Bay’s Pepin Heart Institute is the first in West and Central Florida (and one of few in the nation) to offer AF patients the high-success, low-risk LARIAT procedure.  A recent clinical study shows 98% complete closure to left atrial appendages at the one-year checkup.

The LARIAT Suture Delivery Device, manufactured by SentreHeart Inc., is FDA approved for the prevention of stroke in AF patients unable to take blood-thinning medications.

Atrial Fibrillation, more commonly known as an irregular heartbeat, affects approximately three million adults in the United States.  A-Fib patients often experience shortness of breath, fainting, and chest discomfort, and they are five times more likely to suffer a stroke in their lifetime.  If you are an A-Fib patient unable to take Coumadin, Warfarin, and other blood thinning medications, the LARIAT procedure at Florida Hospital Tampa may be right for you.