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For Investigators

Our groundbreaking research would not be possible without the dedication and diligence of the physicians, nurses and technicians who care for the patients enrolled in our studies. To them, we offer a big thank you.

As part of our commitment to high standards, the Florida Hospital Tampa Institutional Review Board (IRB) requires thorough documentation from our investigators.

Florida Hospital Tampa has launched a web-based electronic submission program, called IRBnet, which moves us toward a paperless electronic IRB submission process. IRBNet allows the IRB to more efficiently and effectively manage study submissions, while providing the researcher with the ability to monitor the status of the submission.

Log on to IRBnet

Please view the IRBNet instructions for any questions you may have on how to use the new process.

Investigator Forms

The following forms are available for investigotrs to download. Contact the Florida Hospital Tampa IRB at (813) 615-7200, ext. 56516 or ext. 50327 for details on how to submit your completed forms.

IRB Initial Application

HIPAA Partial Waiver of Authorization

Primary Investigator Financial Disclosure

Informed Consent with HIPAA Template

HIPAA Authorization Template

Continuing Review

Project Amendment/Modification

Local Serious Adverse Event

Non-local Serious Adverse Event

Humanitarian Use Device Initial Application

Humanitarian Use Device Continuing Review