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Pepin Heart Institute

Cardiovascular Rehabilitation

The Shimberg Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Center at Florida Hospital Pepin Heart Institute offers medically supervised exercise programs that enable patients to safely regain and maintain cardiovascular fitness after a cardiac event. Patients who have been diagnosed with heart disease are also encouraged to join the program to help prevent an emergency cardiovascular issue.

We use top monitoring and fitness equipment to support our team, who specializes in education, exercise, and nutrition training. Patients use a cardiac monitor so they can safely stress their hearts while exercising. This safety assurance is unique to our program and cannot be found at ordinary fitness centers.

The Cardiovascular Rehab program includes:

  • Aerobic exercise training
  • A variety of equipment including treadmills; step machines; rowing; and stationary cycles
  • A complete circuit of upper body strength training equipment
  • Free weight-exercises
  • Health and fitness educational sessions
  • An initial evaluation and individualized treatment plan

For more information contact us at (813) 615-7306.