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Stress Incontinence

Conditions Related to Stress Incontinence

Other forms of urinary incontinence are related conditions to stress incontinence. These conditions can cause similar symptoms, but are caused by different conditions. These are some of the related conditions to stress incontinence:
• Urge incontinence – abnormal nerve signals that cause the sudden need to urinate
• Overactive bladder – nerve signals cause the bladder to contract without warning
• Functional incontinence – patients with medical problems that limit mobility have a problem reaching a bathroom
• Overflow incontinence – bladder doesn’t empty correctly
• Mixed incontinence – two types of urinary incontinence occurring together
• Transient incontinence – temporary incontinence

The only way to get the best treatment is to get the right diagnosis. Schedule a screening appointment online to determine if you suffer from stress continence or a related condition.

Locations for Stress Incontinence