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Stomach Surgery

Why Choose Florida Hospital?

Stomach surgery is performed for patients with stomach cancer (gastric cancer), bleeding, inflammation, tumors or polyps in the stomach. During the procedure, called gastrectomy, surgeons remove parts of the stomach or the entire structure along with nearby lymph nodes and/or tissue. Recent advances have developed an effective minimally invasive gastrectomy procedure. Florida Hospital offers this advanced surgery for patients as part of our dedication to providing the highest level of care. See if you are a candidate. Schedule an appointment today.

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For patients with certain stomach disorders, stomach surgery or gastrectomy may be recommended to treat the condition. Depending on each patient’s unique condition, the gastric surgery procedure may be different. The two types of stomach surgery include:
  • Partial or subtotal gastrectomy 
  • Total gastrectomy

Subtotal gastrectomy involves removing the cancerous or damaged portion of the stomach and the surrounding tissue. The remainder of stomach is then reconnected to the gastrointestinal tract. In a total gastrectomy procedure, surgeons remove the entire stomach and attach the esophagus (swallowing tube) to the intestine.

Recent developments made through research and clinical trials, have led to improved gastrectomy procedures that now include minimally invasive and robotic techniques. These minimally invasive procedures reduce pain, utilize tiny skin incisions and improve recovery time caused by surgery by reducing trauma on the body. In addition, these minimally invasive procedures also lead to earlier discharge from hospital.
Florida Hospital specializes in minimally invasive stomach surgery for selected  patients. See if this advanced technique is a treatment option for your condition. Schedule an appointment online today.

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