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Sterilization Surgery

Side Effects of Sterilization Surgery

Depending on the type of procedure and the technique used, side effects of sterilization surgery differ. It’s important to weigh all the risks before undergoing surgery to make the best decisions for your health care.
One of the common side effects of sterilization surgery is regret. This treatment is permanent, even though it has been reversed in rare procedures. Some women and men regret having surgery when they decide they want children. Florida Hospital offers comprehensive care for patients, including counseling and education on birth control options. These services help patients confirm he or she is making the best decision for their health care goals. 
During and after the surgery is performed, there are some side effects that can occur. These are the side effects of sterilization surgery for women:
  • Surgical complications: bleeding, damage to surrounding organs/tissue, breathing problems, allergic reactions and infection
  • Incomplete closure of the tube
  • Increased risk of ectopic pregnancy if pregnancy occurs
  • Injury to surrounding organs from surgical instruments
These are some of the side effects of sterilization surgery for men:
  • Mild/temporary swelling, bruising, infection or inflammation after surgery
  • Body’s immune reaction to the sperm
  • Epididymitis/orchitis – swelling, pain or tender testis or epididymis
  • Possible increased prostate cancer risk

Locations for Sterilization Surgery