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Sterilization Surgery

Research and Clinical Trials for Sterilization Surgery

As vasectomy and tubal ligation grow in popularity, research and clinical trials on sterilization surgery continue to research the safety and effectiveness of the procedures.
Currently, minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures are being introduced to reduce the risks of surgery. Doctors continue to study the effectiveness of these procedures in preventing pregnancy. Through research, these advanced procedures have reduced the cost, complications and mortality rates. 
Along with improved treatments and reduced risks, long-term results and complications are also researched. For example, some clinical trials and research studies have linked vasectomy to increased risk for prostate cancer, but no conclusive evidence has been found. Also, some studies have suggested ovarian blood/nerve supply disruption after tubal libation. Ongoing research and clinical trials may help mitigate these complications in future procedure improvements.

Locations for Sterilization Surgery