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Spinal Tumors

Statistics of Spinal Tumors

While researchers continue to study the causes of tumors and cancer, doctors know many facts on spinal tumors that can help patients understand the condition. Using this information and your doctor’s advice, patients can determine the best treatment plan for their needs and family.

These are just some of the important facts on spinal tumors:

  • Spinal tumors are uncommon
  • More patients will develop brain tumors than spinal tumors
  • These tumors can form inside, outside and between the structures of the spinal cord
  • Spinal tumors can affect many parts of the body, including nerves, blood vessels and bones
  • Pressure put on the nerves can cause permanent damage
  • Early detection is the key to successful treatment and minimal nerve damage
  • Spinal tumors can be caused by genetic disorders, exposure to harmful toxins or radiation, and cancerous tumors spreading from other parts of the body.

To learn more, speak with your doctor.

Locations for Spinal Tumors