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Spinal Tumors

Research and Clinical Trials for Spinal Tumors

While doctors do not know what causes tumors, research and clinical trials for spinal tumors continue to improve treatments and overall knowledge of the condition. Studies advance our ability to treat patients using innovative technology and minimally invasive procedures.

Research and clinical trials focus on these critical areas:

  • Better diagnostic testing
  • Minimally invasive procedures to remove/biopsy the tumor
  • Treatments to slow growth on inoperable tumors
  • Ways to restore nerves and reduce damage caused by tumors

As research on spinal tumors helps develop better treatments and tools for this condition, doctors at Florida Hospital offer the most innovative techniques for our patients. We pride ourselves on cutting-edge technology, so our patients get the highest level of care.

See if experts at Florida Hospital can offer better treatment options for you. 

Locations for Spinal Tumors