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Sleeve Resection

Treatments Related to Sleeve Resection

Depending on a patient’s specific condition, related treatments to sleeve resection as well as non-surgical treatment options may be recommended. The other treatment options may better target the diseased tissue.

Doctors at Florida Hospital work with patients to develop a treatment plan based off of the individual patient’s health, condition and treatment goals.

These are some of the surgical related treatments that may be recommended instead of sleeve resection:

  • Wedge Resection – when only part of the lung is damaged
  • Lobectomy – when a lobe of the lung is damaged
  • Pneumonectomy – when an entire lung is damaged

Regardless of whether surgical treatment is recommended, doctors may use these other treatment options alone or in combination with sleeve resection for comprehensive treatment:

  • Radiation therapy to kill targeted cancer cells
  • Chemotherapy to stop cancer from spreading
  • Targeted therapy to fight cancer from within

Find out more about these treatment options at Florida Hospital.


Locations for Sleeve Resection