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Sleeve Resection

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Most lung cancer tumors begin in the lining of the bronchi, the main airways of the lungs. Treatment for these tumors can include the sleeve resection surgery. This procedure removes the tumor and the piece of bronchus that is diseased. After the tissue and tumor are removed, the lung is reattached to the healthy part of the bronchus to retain lung function. Florida Hospital offers this advanced procedure to patients at the Florida Hospital Cancer Institute. We specialize in minimally invasive surgery options when possible. Find out if our cutting-edge technology provides a better treatment option for your condition. Schedule an appointment today.

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Sleeve resection is a surgical procedure to remove a diseased piece of the bronchus. After the section of the bronchus is removed, the lung and the remaining portion of the bronchus are attached to preserve lung function.

The bronchi are the main airways of the lungs. Air is inhaled through the mouth or nose, travels down the throat through the voice box (larynx) and windpipe (trachea), and into the left and right lungs through tubes called bronchi (plural form of bronchus). Lung cancer most often begins in the bronchus, so sometimes sleeve resection surgery to remove the tumor is required to stop the spread of cancer or disease.

Sleeve resection is only one of the related treatments that may be recommended for patients with lung cancer. The recommended treatment may differ depending on the severity of the condition.

Florida Hospital specializes in minimally invasive procedures when possible. We use advanced technology to diagnose related conditions to sleeve resection and recommend a treatment.

See if our cutting-edge technology and expertise can offer better treatment options for your condition. 

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