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Sleep Apnea

Screening and Tests for Sleep Apnea

Screenings for sleep apnea can detect the sleep disorder. Sleep apnea involves ordering tests for diagnosing the sleep disorder such as:

  • Polysomnography. A test that records brain activity, eye movement, heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation levels to evaluate sleep disorder. 
  • Physical Examination: Physician will inspect the throat, tongue and tonsils to determine whether enlarged tissue is creating breathing difficulties. 
  • Sleep Studies: Sleep studies are considered the most effective tests for diagnosing the chronic condition. The patient will be evaluated while sleeping to monitor their sleep reaction and responsiveness.   

Screening and tests are reliable to diagnose sleep apnea. Whereas sleep specialists are most experienced in sleep disorders, more physicians are being trained to evaluate sleep apnea in greater detail. 

Locations for Sleep Apnea