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Skull Base Tumors

Treatments for Skull Base Tumors

Since these tumors are so deep inside the brain, traditional treatments for skull base tumors were often risky or impossible for patients. With advanced technology, researchers have developed less invasive treatments that can access this area of the brain.

Minimally invasive treatments for skull base tumors use precise instruments and cutting-edge technology to perform surgery without the high risk of compilations. The procedures also reduce recovery time for patients since there isn’t usually large incisions and open surgery.

Depending on the patient’s individual condition, the doctor may recommend a combination of treatments for skull base tumors for the best results. It’s important to work with each patient to treat his or her specific needs.

Some of the treatments for skull base tumors:

  • Radiation Therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Endoscopic endonasal approach (minimally invasive surgery to remove the tumor through the nose)
  • Endoport surgery (minimally invasive surgery using a small incision to remove the tumor through a straw-like tool)
  • Other minimally invasive procedures

Florida Hospital is dedicated to offering the most advanced treatments for our patients. Expert surgeons and doctors use the cutting-edge equipment and the latest procedures to treat patients.

See if our minimally invasive treatments for skull base tumors are options for your treatment.


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