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Skull Base Tumors

Statistics of Skull Base Tumors

When facing a life-threatening condition, it’s important to understand as much as possible about treatment and prognosis. See the facts on skull base tumors below to learn about this condition and how it is treated.

  • Skull base tumors are extremely rare, but are dangerous and life threatening
  • Cancerous skull base tumors are even more uncommon
  • Even some benign (noncancerous) skull base tumors are referred to as malignant because they pose such danger to the surrounding tissue
  • Common types of cancer that can travel to the brain: lung cancer, breast cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer and melanoma
  • Approximately 23,000 people in the US were diagnosed with malignant tumors of the brain/spinal cord in 2012
  • About 14,000 people in the US died from brain tumors in 2012

Get more facts about skull base tumors. Contact Florida Hospital to speak with one of our experts.

Locations for Skull Base Tumors