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Skull Base Tumors

Research and Clinical Trials for Skull Base Tumors

Traditional surgery limited the ability for doctors to diagnose and remove brain tumors. Recent research and clinical trials for skull base tumors have developed new, less invasive technology that allows surgeons to remove the tumor without damaging surrounding tissue. Skull base tumors are located so deep within the brain, that it is difficult to reach the tumor without causing damage to other essential parts of the brain. With new research, the unreachable areas can now be treated.

For example, researchers and doctors are perfecting a procedure called endoscopic endonasal approach. This method allows surgeons to remove skull base tumors through the nose, reducing the trauma on the brain and potential complications.

Another method, called brain port surgery, creates a small hole in the skull. Then the surgeon threads a straw-like tube into the deep regions of the brain.

These are only two of the minimally invasive procedures that have been developed through research and clinical trials on skull base tumors. Studies continue to perfect and develop these methods to reduce complications and improve accuracy.


Locations for Skull Base Tumors