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Sinus Tumors

Stages of Sinus Tumors

To help recommend the best treatment for patients with cancer, doctors use the standardized stages of sinus tumors to categorize the condition. This staging indicates the severity, location and extent of the cancer. Doctors at Florida Hospital use this information and the patient’s general health to recommend the best treatment option available.

Cancer spreads through the body in three ways: through the tissue, through the lymphatic system and through the blood system. Staging of sinus tumors partially depends on how and where the cancer has spread.

This is an overview of the stages of sinus tumors according to the National Cancer Institute:

  • Stage I – Tumor is contained in the sinuses and has not spread
  • Stage II – Tumor has spread to other parts of the sinuses
  • Stage III – Tumor has spread from the sinuses to the bone of the sinuses or eye socket and may have spread to the lymph nodes
  • Stage IV – Tumor has spread to the eye socket, brain or skull/neck. It may have spread to other parts of the body and the lymph nodes.

Locations for Sinus Tumors