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Sinus Tumors

Research and Clinical Trials of Sinus Tumors

Doctors continue to search for better diagnostic procedures and treatments for patients with cancer. Research and clinical trials on sinus tumors at Florida Hospital Cancer Institute study the safety and long-term effects of treatments.

With more knowledge on what causes sinus tumors and how to diagnose the condition earlier, specialists can better treat our patients. Recent research developments in minimally invasive surgery and robotic surgery have provided improved treatments for patients with difficult-to-treat sinus tumors. These procedures reduce stress on the body while improving accuracy. Doctors can now provide treatment for patients with previously inoperable conditions.

Better treatments are still on the horizon. Research and clinical trials at Florida Hospital offer qualified patients an opportunity to help us improve health care for patients around the world.

Talk to your doctor at Florida Hospital about what clinical trials may be available to you.

Locations for Sinus Tumors