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Sinus Tumors

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Relatively rare in the United States, sinus tumors develop in the small cavities located behind the nose. These small cavities, the sinuses, are lined with cells that make mucus to keep the nose from drying out. Tumors in the sinuses are often difficult to treat because they are located so close to many important organs in the body. Doctors at Florida Hospital have experience treating this rare form of cancer. We use the most advanced procedures and precise technology to treat sinus tumors. Our dedication to minimally invasive techniques reduces patient’s pain and the risk of side effects. See if you are a candidate for our advanced treatments. Schedule an appointment today.

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Located behind the nose, sinuses are cavities lined with mucus-making cells that keep the nose from drying out. Sinus tumors found in these cavities are rare, but dangerous. The most common type of sinus tumors develops in the squamous cells that line the sinus.

Symptoms usually do not develop until the tumor is advanced, and since sinus tumors are located so close to many vital organs, treatment can be difficult. Florida Hospital Cancer Institute specializes in treating cancer of all types, even this rare form. We use minimally invasive diagnostic and treatment procedures when possible and work with patients to develop individualized treatment plans to fit their health, needs and goals.

Florida Hospital is dedicated to improving patients’ overall wellness and preventing disease. See if our advanced treatments can help you prevent sinus tumors and treat your condition. 

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