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Shoulder Surgery

Why Choose Florida Hospital?

Several injuries or conditions in the shoulder may require shoulder surgery to repair. Florida Hospital offers some of the most advanced shoulder surgery options including arthroscopic shoulder surgery, total/partial shoulder replacement and rotator cuff surgery. We are dedicated to minimally invasive procedures that reduce the pain and recovery time for qualified patients. See if you are a candidate for minimally invasive surgery. Request an appointment online today.

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A complex joint made up of bone, ligament and tendon, the shoulder can be injured by trauma, disease or age. Shoulder surgery may restore flexibility and reduce painful symptoms. Minimally invasive arthroscopic shoulder surgery is only one of the advanced shoulder surgery options available at Florida Hospital.

Several conditions may cause patients to lose functionality in the shoulder. Shoulder surgery may be necessary when other non-surgical options do not improve function and reduce pain. Depending on the patient’s specific condition, total shoulder replacement, partial shoulder replacement surgery or rotator cuff surgery may be necessary.

During minimally invasive shoulder surgery, called arthroscopy, surgeons insert a long, thin tube instrument (arthroscope) through small incisions in the shoulder. A tear in the ligament or tendon can be repaired or replaced through the tube.

This advanced procedure reduces scaring and trauma to the body. Patients usually recover faster and reduce risks. Florida Hospital is dedicated to advanced, minimally invasive surgery to improve patient care. Our specialists are experts in the procedure to provide the best results. See if you are a candidate for minimally invasive shoulder surgery. Request an appointment online today.

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