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Senior Care Services

With age comes certain unique health challenges. At Florida Hospital, we work to ensure that everyone in our community has access to the care they need and provide an all-inclusive senior care program designed specifically for Florida’s large and growing population of elderly adults. 
A team of geriatric specialists, pharmacists, physical therapists and geriatric social workers combines multiple clinical disciplines to better assess the medical and social needs of at-risk aging adults—which in turn, helps patients optimize their overall wellbeing. 
Our patient evaluations offer special insight into each individual’s situation by testing for functional status, memory, polypharmacy, mobility, social needs, incontinence, vision, hearing, depression, nutrition and advanced directives. Additionally, we specialize in rehabilitation, medical counseling, nutritional screening and other lifestyle recommendations for our elderly patients.
Currently, the Florida Hospital elder care program is offered only through the Comprehensive Aging Assessment Center at Florida Hospital Apopka. Learn more online, or call (407) XXX-XXXX.