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Segmental Resection

Treatments Related to Segmental Resection

Many other types of surgery are considered related treatments to segmental resection. For cancers, specifically lung cancer, other types of surgical procedures are used to remove cancerous tumors. Open procedures can remove different portions of the gland or organ.
To use lung cancer as an example, the related treatment “wedge resection” is used to remove less lung tissue than segmental resection; while pneumonectomy is a procedure to remove the entire lobe. Other cancers can be treated with surgeries.
Other nonsurgical treatment options include medications, radiation and chemotherapy. Oftentimes, chemotherapy and radiation are recommended to ensure cancer is completely eliminated.
Screening and diagnosis by the experts at Florida Hospital is the best way to determine which related treatment is best for your condition. If you suffer from cancer, see if our innovative treatments may be options for your condition. Schedule an appointment online today. 

Locations for Segmental Resection