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Robotic Kidney Surgery

Side Effects of Robotic Kidney Surgery

While robotic surgeries reduce risks and complications, side effects of robotic kidney surgery may still occur. Robotic specialists at Florida Hospital take every precaution to avoid these risks, but patients should review them before undergoing the procedure.

These are some of the potential side effects of robotic kidney surgery, even if they are unlikely:

  • Surgical risks (blood loss, blood clots, breathing problems, infection and more)
  • Injury to surrounding organs (nerves, vessels, intestines, pancrease, liver) during surgery
  • Kidney failure in the other kidney
  • Insufficient remaining kidney (temporary)
  • Hernia in the incision
  • Incomplete removal of tumor (if partial nephrecotmy isperformed)
  • Blood loss requiring transfusion
  • Inability to complete the operation using the robot and possible need for traditional open surgery

If you have concerns about the side effects of robotic kidney surgery, speak to a doctor at Florida Hospital.

Locations for Robotic Kidney Surgery