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Robotic Kidney Surgery

Conditions Related to Robotic Kidney Surgery

While there are many different related conditions that can be treated with robotic kidney surgery, kidney cancer is often the most well known. Surgery is the most common treatment for kidney cancer, especially if the cancer hasn’t spread throughout the body. The American Cancer Society estimated that more than 65,000 Americans would be diagnosed with this life-threatening condition in 2012. For qualified candidates, robotic kidney surgery can remove all the cancer while reducing pain and risks for infection.

Besides kidney cancer, other related conditions to robotic kidney surgery include the following:

  • Kidney donation
  • Trauma/injury to the kidneys
  • Infection in the kidneys
  • Kidney stones
  • Birth defects in the kidneys
  • High blood pressure that causes a lack of blood supply to the kidneys

If you suffer from these conditions or suspect you may have kidney cancer, request an appointment online today.