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Radical Neck Dissection

Related Treatments for Radical Neck Dissection

Depending on the patient’s specific condition, doctors may recommend related treatments to radical neck dissection to treat less severe conditions. These are two of the most closely related treatments to radical neck dissection:
  • Modified radical neck dissection – surgery to remove the lymph nodes in the neck or on one side of the neck without removing any neck muscle. If needed, the jugular vein and/or nerves may be removed as well.
  • Partial or selective neck dissection – surgery that removes some of the lymph nodes in the neck
Even with successful treatment using radical neck dissection or these related treatments, doctors may recommend a treatment plan that includes other treatment options for battling cancer. These are some of the treatments that may be recommended to accompany the radical neck dissection:
  • Radiation therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Targeted therapy

Locations for Radical Neck Dissection