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Radiation Therapy

Research and Clinical Trials for Radiation Therapy

As doctors continue to search for a cause and cure for cancer, research and clinical trials on radiation therapy and related treatments help develop more effective treatments in the meantime. Oncologists continue to study the optimal dosages of radiation for specific cancer stages and locations while developing new ways of administering treatment safely.

Florida Hospital Cancer Institute has one of the leading medical research facilities in the country. We work closely with other leading cancer organizations, such as the National Cancer Institute, Duke Univeristy Medical Center, the UCLA Community Oncology Research Network and leading pharmaceutical companies to conduct clinical trials.

In 2009, the Department of Health gave the researchers at Florida Hospital Cancer Institute a three-year grant to continue research on treatments for ovarian cancer. We continue to work toward a cure. The Gynecologic Oncology Center offers the opportunity for some patients to participate in clinical trials. Talk to your doctor today about participating.

Locations for Radiation Therapy