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Radiation Brachytherapy

Why Choose Florida Hospital?

Each year, Florida Hospital Cardiovascular Institute performs more than 1,000 vascular procedures. We are one of the nation’s leading resources for treating heart conditions, with specialized programs in vascular disease. Whenever possible, our Vascular Center of Excellence physicians opt for minimally invasive procedures, such as radiation brachytherapy. New and emerging procedures like this help to reduce hospital stays and recovery time. 

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Radiation brachytherapy is a catheterization procedure used to halt the progression of blockages within coronary arteries. The catheter delivers a precise dosage of radiation to the arterial wall to prevent new blockages from developing. It is usually performed if stenting has not been able to keep the artery open.

As with other catheter-assisted procedures, radiation brachytherapy is not an open heart procedure. Instead, the catheter is inserted through an artery in the groin area and threaded up to the affected region of the heart.

Locations for Radiation Brachytherapy