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Prostate Cancer

Why Choose Florida Hospital?

When caught early, prostate cancer has a nearly 100 percent five-year relative survival rate. That fact underlines how important it is for men to receive regular screenings. If you are diagnosed with prostate cancer, be assured that the urology and oncology specialists at Florida Hospital have the experience and tools to accurate diagnose, assess and effectively treat this disease. At Florida Hospital, our goal is to give all of our prostate cancer patients the best possible shot at overcoming this affliction. In fact, Florida Hospital is home to of the world’s most experienced robotic prostatectomy surgeons, whose patients’ outcomes exceed those of national standards. 

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The prostate is a gland below the man’s bladder that produces the fluid that carries sperm. While prostate cancer is rare among men younger than 40, it is much more common in older men. A prostate cancer diagnosis can be intimidating for men, as the prostate is located around tissues that control sexual function and continence. When caught early, however, this cancer is very treatable and beatable—which is why regular physical exams that look for warning signs of prostate cancer are imperative for men over 50. 

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