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Prenatal Counseling

Why Choose Florida Hospital?

For some new parents, the scariest part of pregnancy is the unknown. Through huge advances in medicine, prenatal counseling helps parents learn about the baby’s health before they are born. Then, specialists at Florida Hospital help parents make informed decisions about the future of the baby’s care and treatment. This incredible service helps take some of the mystery away, reducing parents’ stress and improving the long-term health of the new baby. Find out how prenatal counseling can help you prepare for this exciting new arrival. Schedule an appointment today.

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Florida Hospital’s dedication to providing the highest level of care begins before the first breath is taken. With prenatal counseling at Florida Hospital, specialists use some of the most advanced technology available to determine a fetus’ risk for genetic disease or birth complications. With this knowledge, the team helps parents make better-informed decisions about the care and treatment of the baby during pregnancy and after birth.

These prenatal services prepare parents for the challenges they may face when the new baby arrives.

Once the results are analyzed, specialists speak with parents one-on-one to explain the implications of the results. Prenatal counseling is an important time for parents to gather the information needed to make the best decision for the newborn.

Prenatal Counseling Philosophy

Complications during pregnancy or labor can add stress to a joyous time. The team of prenatal counseling specialists at Florida Hospital provides the compassionate support parents need to make treatment plans. We are sensitive to your needs and the needs of the baby to provide comprehensive care for your family.

We’re here every step of the way with the information you need. Trust us to care for your family like it’s our own.

Locations for Prenatal Counseling