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Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Treating Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Doctors at Florida Hospital consider patient’s symptoms, goals and overall health when recommending treatments for premenstrual syndrome (PMS). For most women, doctors recommend lifestyle changes that may reduce symptoms before prescribing other treatment options.

These are some of the lifestyle changes that may reduce symptoms of PMS:

  • Reduce bloating and fluid retention by increasing the amount of water or juice you drink (not soda, alcohol or caffeinated beverages that dehydrate)
  • Reduce irritability by eating snacks or small meals every three hours without overeating
  • Eat a balanced, healthy diet of whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Reduce intake of sugar and salt
  • Nutritional supplements (calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6)
  • Exercise regularly
  • Try improving sleeping habits before seeking insomnia treatments

When lifestyle changes do not reduce symptoms, other treatment options for PMS may include the following:

  • Over-the-counter pain medications, including aspirin, ibuprofen to reduce headaches, cramping, backaches and breast tenderness
  • Birth control pills
  • Antidepressants
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Light therapy
  • Anti-anxiety drugs
  • Diuretics
  • GnRH agonists

Diagnosis is the only way to know which of these treatments for PMS is the best for you. Schedule an appointment at Florida Hospital today.

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