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When tissue in the lung is diseased, doctors may recommend a pneumonectomy. This procedure removes the entire lung to prevent the disease or bacteria from spreading throughout the body. Traditionally, this surgery is performed by the thoracotomy procedure, which includes making a large incision in the chest. Florida Hospital Cancer Institute is dedicated to treating patients with the highest level of care. We are dedicated to minimally invasive surgical options when possible to reduce the risk of surgery as well as patient’s pain and recovery time. See if our minimally invasive approach is an option for your treatment. Schedule an appointment today.

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Pneumonectomy is a surgical procedure that removes an entire lung when the tissue is diseased due to cancer or related conditions. After the procedure, patients breathe with the remaining lung. Rehabilitation may be necessary to expand the function of the remaining lung after surgery.

The pneumonectomy surgery and related treatments are traditionally performed using the thoracotomy procedure. During surgery, doctors make a large incision in the chest between the ribs to access the lungs.

When possible, Florida Hospital offers qualified patients an advanced, minimally invasive pneumonectomy procedure as an alternative to this open thoracotomy surgery. Using cutting-edge technology and robotics, surgeons at Florida Hospital reduce the risk of complication and infection with specialized tools and several small incisions rather than a large, open chest procedure.

Our robotics technology enables a more accurate procedure to reduce pain, scarring and recovery time. See if this minimally invasive pneumonectomy procedure is an option for your treatment. 


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