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Peripheral Artery Bypass

Research and Clinical Trials for Peripheral Artery Bypass

A significant amount of research on peripheral artery bypass surgery is being performed on an on-going bases. These studies seek to improve surgical techniques, increase patient comfort and shorten recovery. Much of this work is done as part of research on treatments for peripheral artery disease (PAD).
Clinical trials for peripheral artery disease include:
  • Medications to help prevent failure of arterial grafts 
  • Evaluating different types of synthetic grafts
  • Drugs to prevent heart attacks during surgery
  • Comparing peripheral artery bypass to other treatment options
  • Grafting techniques
  • Steroids to reduce stress during surgery
  • Determining the safety of different anesthesia techniques
  • Use and effectiveness of nerve blockers
  • Surgical strategies for diabetic patients
  • Cell and gene therapies
Clinical trials open the door to alternative treatments and new treatment options for people who have not had success with traditional therapies. Individuals for whom peripheral artery bypass has not succeeded or cannot be used for other reasons may want to consider participating in a clinical trial. Interested people may contact Florida Hospital for more information.

Locations for Peripheral Artery Bypass