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Patients & Families

Translation Services

Florida Hospital serves a diverse community of individuals who have difficulty communicating in English because:

  • They have impaired vision
  • They have some degree of deafness
  • English is their second language
  • They speak no English at all
  • They have lower comprehension skills

We make medical interpreters available at no cost 24/7, in compliance with federal and state laws, to assist patients, their family members, and other legally authorized persons.

Available Services

In-person interpreters:

  • American sign language (ASL)
  • Spanish sign language
  • Tactile interpreters
  • Language interpreters for non-English speakers

Same day appointments: call ext. 110-3025
Future appointments: email FH Interpreter Services Dept (in FH Outlook)

Video remote interpreting (VRI)

When no interpreter is available locally, we use remote video hookups through our webcam- and microphone-equipped laptops to provide sign language and English language interpreters.

Over-the-phone interpreters

For non-English speakers we have available translation services that can be delivered over phone lines. Use any Florida Hospital phone (or Spectra Link) and:

  • For Orlando campus and Medical Plaza, dial ext. 110-8510
  • For all other FH campuses, dial ext. 8510

    Pre-programmed or dual handset phones are available through FH Interpreter Services.