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Insurance Information

One of the biggest decisions about who will be providing your healthcare is whether their services are covered under your current health insurance plan. To find out if Florida Hospital accepts your health insurance plan, or have questions about coverage, call our customer service department at (407) 303-0500, review the list of accepted insurance plans at each campus or contact your insurance company.

If you are having a scheduled procedure we will make every effort to update your records and get your insurance information before you arrive. While your insurance may indeed cover some or most of your procedure, you will be asked to pay your co-pay, deductible or co-insurance at the time of your appointment. If your insurance does not cover services provided by Florida Hospital your financial responsibility may be significantly higher and will be due at the time of service.

If you don’t have the exact amount due at the time, we will require a deposit. The amount of the deposit varies by the type of service you receive.


Florida Hospital accepts Medicare and Medicaid. At the time you register you will be asked to present your insurance card as well as your personal ID. It is requested that Medicare patients pay their deductible at the time of admission. If it is not paid, supplemental insurance may be an option. Your eligibility to receive Medicaid will be verified.

Medicare requires we check the diagnosis by the ordering physician to ensure that the specific tests or procedures are covered by Medicare. Medicare has the right to not pay for tests, services and procedures it believes are not required to address the diagnosis.

Making Other Arrangements

Payments are required at the time of service for any amount that is not covered by your insurance. Your deductible and co-payment will be considered as deposits and are due at the time of service.

If you do not have health insurance, the total estimated hospital bill minus any initial deposits you made, is due upon discharge. If you cannot make the full payment at discharge, financial counselors are available to establish alternate payment options with you, including a payment plan. Payments can be in cash, check, debit card or credit card and electronic fund transfers. 

We remind you that your medical insurance coverage is between you and your insurance company. While your insurance company may cover some of your expenses, you are ultimately responsible for your hospital account, not the insurance company.

Physician Billing

In addition to hospital billing, you will receive a separate bill from your physician(s) and any specialists. These professionals do not work for the hospital and have independent practices. As such, they bill separately for their services. For your convenience, we have included contact information for the most common independent practitioners at Florida Hospital per campus. 

You’ll want to make sure that both your physician and the hospital are part of your insurance provider’s network. Following are just a few of the physicians you may receive a bill from. If you have any questions about their billing, you will want to contact them directly as the hospital cannot provide any assistance.

  • Emergency physicians for the services you receive in the Emergency department.
  • Radiologists for imaging work.
  • Consulting physicians that are brought in by your primary physician to review your case.
  • Pathologists for lab work and pathology.
  • Anesthesiologists for any sedation services you had while you were undergoing a procedure.

Visit Our Online Patient Account Center

If you’ve been a patient at Florida Hospital, CentraCare or used one of our services such as FH Ambulance, you can view your account online. Make payments, update your information and make queries regarding your billing securely and conveniently, from any computer.

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