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Financial Assistance - Hurricane Recovery

As we all recover from Hurricane Irma,

Florida Hospital would like to offer you some help.

Florida Hospital wants to help our patients and their families focus on the immediate needs that may have arisen because of the impact of Hurricane Irma. Therefore, we are offering some relief in the timing of your payment for services at our facilities.

To determine the options for which you qualify, please contact a Patient Financial Services representative at the customer service phone number provided in your statement.

  • If you request, we can provide up to a 30-day pause on financial collections, so you may adjust your payments accordingly.
  • In addition, depending on the situation you and your family may be facing, we can work with you to make additional adjustments to the payment schedule and/or direct you to services that may be of help as you need resources to rebuild, recover and be made whole again. This may include an additional 30-day extension, fee waivers or appropriate hardship arrangements.

We hope this is helpful as you work through the recovery process.