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Oropharyngeal Cancer

Survivability of Oropharyngeal Cancer

The survivability of oropharyngeal cancer varies depending on the kind of tumor and the location of the tumor. These other factors also influence the prognosis or chance of recovery:

  • Stage of the cancer (size)
  • Location of the tumor and if it has spread
  • Whether HPV infection has caused the tumor
  • Patient’s health

These factors indicate which therapies may work to treat oropharyngeal cancer. The prognosis is often reliant upon the type of treatment and the ability for doctors to administer treatment.

After treatment, follow-up care in important for patients with head and neck cancers. These patients are more likely to develop a second form of head and neck cancer. This recurrent oropharyngeal cancer may affect a patient’s prognosis.

Locations for Oropharyngeal Cancer