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Oropharyngeal Cancer

Preventing Oropharyngeal Cancer

Even though doctors do not know what causes cancer to develop, researchers have developed some ways of preventing oropharyngeal cancer by reducing the patient’s risk. While these are not 100% effective in preventing oropharyngeal cancer, these tips can help reduce your risk of developing tumors:

  • Stop smoking and using tobacco products
  • Limit alcohol consumption
  • Add fruits and vegetables to your diet
  • Ask your dentist if dental appliances irritate your mouth
  • Seek treatment for HPV
  • Complete self-exams to find tumors early

Florida Hospital can help patients reduce their risk of oropharyngeal cancer through community programs. If you need to stop smoking, eliminate your dependence alcohol or learn to eat a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables, our medical team can help you. 

Locations for Oropharyngeal Cancer