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Thoracic and Pulmonary


Pulmonary Function

Florida Hospital offers Pulmonary Function testing. Physicians may order a variety of specific tests to determine lung function and base line status. These tests are also used to determine diagnosis or rule out disease processes for their patients.

Pulmonary Function testing can be performed while an inpatient or scheduled on an outpatient basis through FH Central Scheduling. Bedside Pulmonary Function screening is available, as well as overnight pulse oximetry, utilized in diagnosing sleep apnea. Advanced diagnostic testing at the Orlando Pulmonary Function Laboratory includes Infant Pneumocardiograms, Hydrogen Breath testing, Lactose and Lactulose testing.  For a complete listing of services please contact our facility.

Central Scheduling for Outpatient Call: (407) 303-2273 
In-patient PFT Screening available 24 hours a day

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Florida Hospital's Pulmonary Rehabilitation program is designed to support and extend the care of primary, pulmonary and other specialty physicians to assist patients to manage, control and alleviate the symptoms and stresses associated with their lung disease or chronic pulmonary conditions.

The program consists of a series of monitored exercise sessions and educational classes in pulmonary disease management conducted by specially trained professional staff. The sessions focus on stabilizing and enhancing both the physical and mental aspects of pulmonary diseases helping each patient achieve the highest possible functional capacity allowable by his/her condition and life style. As a result, the patient is enabled to lead a more productive, satisfying, and active lifestyle with greater independence.