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Sleep Disorders Program

At the Florida Hospital Center for Sleep Disorders, we’re dedicated to helping our neighbors throughout Central Florida who are struggling with sleep disorders. The sleep center at Florida Hospital Orlando, in fact, is nationally accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the leading organization for the promotion of sleep health care, education and research. Every day, we strive every day to ensure that all of our patients get the restful and rehabilitative sleep they need to thrive. The eight American Academy of Sleep Medicine board-certified physicians at the Florida Hospital Center for Sleep Disorders analyze lifestyle choices that may be impacting patients’ ability to sleep—sometimes it’s as simple as what you’re eating and the amount of exercise you’re getting—and help them achieve an optimum balance of activity, nutrition, spiritual fulfillment and rest.

Sometimes, to accurately diagnose the issue, a sleep study will be necessary. Sleep studies usually require an overnight visit, during which our team monitors the patient’s sleeping pattern, heart rate, breathing and body patterns. After analyzing the results, and working with nutritionists and fitness experts, the board-certified physicians at the Florida Hospital Center for Sleep Disorders will devise a personalized treatment plan to help our patients get a good night’s rest once again.

We have six convenient sleep centers throughout the region to meet all of our patients’ needs.

If you’re battling a sleep disorder, or if you’re a physician who would like to refer a patient to our center, please download a copy of our prescription sheet. Patients will need to have their primary care physician sign this sheet in order to schedule an appointment.

We also ask that you download and fill out the following patient questionnaire and bring it to your sleep consultation or study. It will assist us in diagnosing and eventually treating your sleep disorder.

Finally, this form will give you directions and information on how to prepare for your sleep study. Please review it carefully prior to your appointment.

To schedule an appointment, please give us a call at (407) 303-1558 or fill out this form.