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Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Offering some of the nation’s most advanced, comprehensive and compassionate healthcare gets people talking. We’ve included some of their comments below to give others a first-hand understanding of the special brand of care offered at Florida Hospital Orlando


“I’m extremely grateful to the Florida Hospital Transplant family/team for giving me a chance at a new and wonderful life.” 
- Evrett Stephens, kidney transplant recipient
“I am lucky to have two wonderful families—the one I was born into and the other, my Florida Hospital transplant family. There was never a doubt in my mind that I would donate a kidney to my father and the process was made easier by the kind and compassionate transplant team.” 
- Cari Mutnick, living kidney donor
“Thank you Florida Hospital. The care and skill of your doctors, surgeons, and nurses have given me my health back. I am now healthy and able to enjoy being with my family.” 
- Michael Hill, liver transplant recipient



“I have a lot to live for. If you sit around in a rocker in your old age, you won’t last very long. Now I’m able to get back to what I love doing most, spending time with Nancy and our family and tending to our orchids.”
“Our bodies are our instruments…to an opera singer, open heart surgery is terrifying. The entire experience was a huge blessing, and Dr. Accola was fantastic during surgery and afterward."
- Kimberly Saunders Randall



“I went through eight years of not knowing what was wrong with me…not until February 2012 when I was diagnosed with hemifacial spasm by Dr. Field. Within a few minutes of examining me, he knew exactly what I had at the time. Everything I could say about Florida Hospital Orlando and everyone that worked there… it was incredibly refreshing to meet these kinds of people that were willing to go out of their way and invest in somebody they’ve never even met. It was wonderful how they treated me. My life since the surgery is indescribable. It’s day and night. I look forward to doing things I haven’t done in quite some time.”
-George Mercer, Retired U.S. Army Soldier