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Patient Education

Patient Education

In-room Patient Television (IPTV)

Florida Hospital Orlando features an extensive library of highly informative, on demand videos available to patients on their in-room televisions. Our easily-accessed resource center covers hundreds of different medical subjects, from how oral medications work, to proper management of chronic conditions to understanding what happens during heart surgery. All in-patients at Florida Hospital Orlando have access to our in-room patient television videos.

Patient Discharge/ Safety Awareness

Going Home

Planning for your discharge begins immediately after your admission. Florida Hospital’s professional staff will work with you and your loved ones to determine the best care for you after discharge. Your physician, nurse and case manager will discuss discharge plans with you as your recovery progresses. In order to meet the needs of our community, we request that you arrange for transportation home immediately upon your physician’s discharge order.

A hospital employee will accompany you to your waiting vehicle at the designated patient loading area. A quick stop by the Admitting Office may be necessary to complete paperwork or make financial arrangements.

If you’re taking a taxi, your nurse or the Information Desk staff (located in the main lobby) will help you call a cab.

Florida Hospital Orlando’s Discharge Center

When you are discharged from Florida Hospital Orlando, you may be taken to our new Discharge Center, which was designed to provide you and your family with an easy, convenient and comfortable environment for your discharge process while you await your transportation home.

Once your physician determines that you are ready to go home, you and your family members will receive instructions from your nurse about your discharge. Your nurse will provide your family with instructions and directions for your pick up. Should you have additional questions, feel free to ask the staff providing your care.

The nursing staff at Florida Hospital has a few safety tips for you to follow to ensure your well-being and maintain a safe hospital environment. At times we will recommend safety devices that are designed to support posture and medically protect you, including self- releasing seat belts and lap trays or safety mitts.

To the patient:

  • Use your call light for help.
  • Wear shoes or socks that have non-skid or non-slip bottoms when you are out of bed.
  • Call for help and wait for the nurse if you feel weak or dizzy when you need to get up.
  • In the bathroom, use the pull cord and wait for the nurse if you feel weak or need help.
  • Do not lean on the bedside table; the table rolls.
  • Tell the nurse about any spills on the floor, anything that blocks the walking area or broken furniture.
  • If you are connected to tubes, ask the nurse for help getting out of bed.
  • Ask the nurse to make sure the bedside table, call light and phone are close to you.
  • Family and friends may be asked to stay with you or the hospital may have a sitter in the room with you, if needed for your safety.

Wash your hands often, and wash them the right way. When you wash your hands, you remove most germs by using friction, soap and water. Wash your hands when they are dirty, before you eat, after you use the bathroom, after touching objects and after touching other people. Hand washing is the best line of defense against germs that are spread by touching.