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Neuropathology at Florida Hospital

Neuropathology is a very important aspect of the Florida Hospital Neuroscience Institute because of the role it plays in diagnosing diseased tissue. The primary service provided by the Neuropathologist is gross and microscopic examination of various types of tissue removed from within and around the central and peripheral nervous systems (brain, spinal cord, meninges, nerves, skeletal muscle, skull and vertebra) for changes due to specific diseases ranging from brain tumor to encephalitis, from congenital anomaly to dementia, and from myositis to muscular dystrophy.

This diagnostic step is often the most important in prognosis prediction and treatment decision. A biopsy of brain or spinal cord is usually requested after a mass lesion has been detected by radiologic imaging, while that of muscle or nerve is indicated when neuromuscular disorders are suspected. Once the diseased tissue is examined, the Neuropathologist works with a team of neuroscience specialists (neurologist, neurosurgeon, neuro-oncologist, radiation oncologist, and neuroradiologist) to determine the best plan for treatment of the patient. With this concerted teamwork, our physicians at the Florida Hospital Neuroscience Institute are able to provide the best outcome possible for each patient.

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