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Maturing Minds Program

If you or your physician determines that a patient may benefit from the Maturing Minds Program, we will strive to ensure that he or she receives timely access to an assessment, a holistic plan of care, disease education and resources, and improved communication among their health care providers. All of these objectives will assist in helping the patient maintain a healthier life.

Our Team

The staff at the Maturing Minds Program is comprised of a neuropsychologist, behavioral specialist, neurologist, geriatrician, social worker, and nurse practitioner, who are dedicated to providing compassionate, quality care to those in need and work together to ensure the highest level of care is delivered.

The Maturing Minds Program is designed to help those who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia avoid unnecessary hospitalizations. This is done through proper health assessments, individualized care plan development, and ongoing care and follow-up.

Community Partners

In addition to a dedicated team, the Maturing Minds Program works closely with many community partners and organizations to support those in need of care, including:

Alzeimer’s and Dementia Resource Center
Florida Hospital Geriatric Fellowship Program
Medical Psychology Associates
Florida Hospital Home Care
Florida Hospital Centra Care
The Compass Clinic
Seniors First
Share the Care
Meals on Wheels
Council on Aging
Local physicians, nurses and medical students

For more information on the Maturing Minds Program call: 407-303-3408